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Natural Beauty Redefined

David L. Cangello, MD, FACS   Plastic Surgery New York

Dr. Cangello is a leading plastic surgeon in NYC who has developed a reputation for achieving superior, natural looking results. Through the art of plastic surgery, he performs each procedure using artistic insight and surgical precision, allowing him to produce cosmetic enhancements that perfectly complement the face and body. He follows the vision of Michelangelo who said “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

Early in his career, Dr. Cangello developed a personal philosophy that has influenced the way he approaches his practice every day: plastic surgery is a science and an art. Combining this philosophy with expertly applied surgical knowledge, he’s established himself as a leading NYC plastic surgeon whose exquisite results have made him nationally known.

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Your nose should naturally complement your facial shape and features – not stand out against them. As an expert rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Cangello understands what it takes to make sure your nose appears balanced with overall facial aesthetics. Rhinoplasty is available at Cangello Plastic Surgery to smooth the nasal bridge and correct a bulbous tip, among other cosmetic concerns. Dr. Cangello’s rhinoplasty results have been featured in publications such as Seventeen Magazine and are known for appearing naturally beautiful. Trust your appearance at one of New York’s finest cosmetic facial surgeons and finally achieve the look you’ve always wanted.


With an eyelid lift, Dr. Cangello can help you look rejuvenated and refreshed, even allowing you to apply makeup more easily. Extra skin on the eyelids can make you appear tired or even sad, but a blepharoplasty creates an uplifted, natural look. Dr. Cangello performs both upper and lower eyelid lifts, allowing him to smooth puffy undereye bags as well. The skin around the eyes is delicate, and Dr. Cangello is experienced at creating amazing results with eyelid surgery. Our blepharoplasty patients love their smooth skin and transformed appearance after surgery.


Smooth, firm skin is an important part of facial beauty. For moderate to severe lines, wrinkles, and the appearance of heaviness around the jaw, Dr. Cangello offers top-rated facelift surgery. Modern facelift techniques allow Dr. Cangello to sculpt features and create naturally beautiful results. Our facelift patients look and feel their best with minimal visible scarring; others will be able to tell that you look fabulous, but there won’t be any tell-tale signs that you’ve had a procedure. Facelifts are the perfect next step after treatments such as fillers and Botox®.

Face Fat Transfer

When you want plump and radiant skin, but want to avoid a facelift, Dr. Cangello creates beautiful results with facial fat grafting. This unique procedure involves removing cells from certain areas of the body, purifying them, and injecting them into areas of the face. These injections volumize skin, filling out lines and wrinkles, allowing you to look fresh and rejuvenated. You can even have lips volumized with fat grafting. Better yet, fat grafting is permanent. While some fat may be reabsorbed, the remaining cells stay where they are placed indefinitely; you can look your absolute best for years to come.

Tummy Tuck

After a tummy tuck, you can confidently flaunt your figure and your lean, toned abdomen. Patients often find extra skin around the stomach or a protruding abdomen to be bothersome, but abdominoplasty effectively solves these problems and creates sleek body contours. Dr. Cangello’s patients with children popularly choose this procedure to shape their bodies after pregnancy and as part of a complete body contouring treatment plan. With our comprehensive approach to abdominoplasty, which can include liposuction, you can love the way you look – no more tummy-slimming undergarments or worrying about a bulge in certain clothing.

Mommy Makeover

Mothers deserve to look and feel their best but often don’t take time for themselves. A mommy makeover helps patients love their figures once again by shaping the breasts and abdomen, among many other treatments. At Cangello Plastic Surgery, your body contouring treatment plan is completely customized to restore your pre-baby figure; whether you’re interested in breast enhancement, butt augmentation, abdominoplasty, or even labiaplasty, there are many ways to achieve your goals. Some patients even choose facial fillers to help them look energized and refreshed. Dr. Cangello personalizes treatment for each patient he sees, creating stunning and natural-looking results.


Liposuction is the perfect way to sculpt your body when certain parts of your physique retain deposits of fat, even after attempting to tone them with exercise. Whether your body was pre-programmed to store fat around the abdomen, thighs, arms, or buttocks, liposuction from Dr. Cangello can spot-treat these areas and reveal the figure you’ve always wanted. Liposuction can even be used under the chin to get rid of pesky fullness that makes your face look round. Treatment is ideal on its own to fine-tune your figure or as a part of a comprehensive body-shaping plan that includes a tummy tuck for optimal results.

Breast Augmentation

Having the body shape you’ve always wanted helps you feel confident in all aspects of your life. Dr. Cangello’s breast augmentation patients enjoy a better fit in clothing, so they fill out their entire wardrobe, whether they’re choosing something professional or looking forward to pool parties this summer season. Achieve the breast size, shape, and projection you want with our personalized approach to patient care. Dr. Cangello provides the highest level of service available and is a premier breast augmentation surgeon in NYC. Visit Cangello Plastic Surgery for breast implant treatment on its own or as a part of a body makeover plan.


Dr. Cangello is a true artist, and a rather brilliant one at that. His attention to detail and execution of his vision are unsurpassable. He and his assistants are also extremely personable - an outstanding experience from start to finish. Thank you again, Dr. Cangello.

Dr. Cangello is an amazing surgeon! Let me start off by saying he is genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I had a septorhinoplasty performed by him last week. The results are amazing! My nose was broken when I was younger and it really affected my self confidence growing up. Now, I finally have the straight gorgeous nose I yearned for. Dr. Cangello is definitely one of the best plastic surgeons out there right now. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Cangello was great from the first consultation all the way through my post op appointments. He has a great bedside manner and answered all of my questions and concerns and made me feel very confident and comfortable about the surgery. I am pleased with the results of my surgery and I would definitely recommend Dr. Cangello to anyone considering rhinoplasty. PS the staff was also fantastic!

Dr. Cangello truly listened to me and combined my wishes with his expertise and skill to create a result that is beautiful, subtle, and natural looking. His confidence in his own work puts you at ease, plus he is knowledgeable and always willing to answer all of your questions thoroughly. His staff are also very responsive and helpful. I felt very safe and comfortable with the whole experience.

My experience was amazing. Dr Cangello took his time, I asked many questions. He answered everyone. Very satisfied with the size and results. I get lots of complements and I cant wait to go shopping for new clothes. BTW the value of this breast augmentation special in New York City is unbelievable. He is well trained and his facility is super nice. I am telling all my friends!

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Artistry in Practice

Throughout his life, Manhattan Plastic Surgeon Dr. Cangello has enjoyed a passion for both the sciences and the arts. As a student, Dr. Cangello excelled academically and received scholastic awards for sketches and paintings he created. Some of his artwork can be seen in his office. He was attracted to cosmetic surgery because of its focus not just on medical science and technical expertise, but also because of the level of artistic intuition demanded. He has mastered the ability to understand and visualize patients’ needs and knows how to make necessary changes to dramatically improve the natural qualities of their features.

Imagine being able to undergo plastic surgery that allows people to notice your natural beauty – not your enhancements. With Dr. Cangello’s approach, these results are achievable. And whether you’re seeking cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery, you can get the results you want while still looking like yourself.

When considering plastic surgery in NYC, it’s important to choose a plastic surgeon who truly understands the delicate balance between aesthetic beauty and medical precision. Board-certified surgeon Dr. Cangello has perfected the art of plastic surgery through education, extensive training with some of the leaders in the field, and an invaluable sense of artistic insight. Combined, these factors enable him to produce truly exceptional results that maintain the integrity of the human form while allowing for ideal enhancement.

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The consultation fee with Dr. Cangello starts at $250. Your consultation fee may be applied to your procedure, provided you undergo the same procedure for which you had the consultation.

A National Reputation for Excellence

Dr. Cangello’s renowned results have earned the trust of many celebrities and models from some of the world’s top agencies – including Wilhelmina Models, IMG Models, and Next Management – who sought out Dr. Cangello specifically for his skill in creating elegant, natural looking rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation and breast augmentation results. Dr. Cangello’s reputation has also caught the attention of many media outlets, who often seek his expert opinion as a plastic surgeon. He has been featured on CBS News, Inside Edition, and in Harper’s Bazaar, In Style, Seventeen, People Magazine and more.

But being a good surgeon isn’t just about surgical skill and expertise. Dr. Cangello understands that sensitive cosmetic concerns necessitating plastic surgery may be a source of anxiety for some patients. For this reason, he and his staff offer a comforting environment where you can expect to receive discreet, professional service – from your initial consultation to your post-operative appointments. As you begin your journey toward considering plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements, Dr. Cangello’s goal as your plastic surgeon is to provide you with the highest quality of care throughout the entire process.

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The consultation fee with Dr. Cangello starts at $250. Your consultation fee may be applied to your procedure, provided you undergo the same procedure for which you had the consultation.