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How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost in NYC?

Many potential patients researching their chosen procedure want to know how much they can expect to pay and for a good reason; plastic surgery is an investment in wellness and confidence – one that patients expect to receive the best returns on. When it comes to plastic surgery, it’s of the utmost importance for your safety and satisfaction to make sure you not only get a fair price but that you seek care from a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon. To learn more about fees for your chosen surgery, Dr. Cangello welcomes you for a consultation at his Park Avenue plastic surgery office in NYC.

Your fee for cosmetic surgery can be affected by any of the following variables:

Breast implants, facial or other anatomical implants for example. If any of these types of devices are necessary for your surgery, they will contribute to the overall cost of your procedure.

Administration of general anesthesia requires the assistance of a board-certified Anesthesiologist.

Procedures performed at the hospital or an ambulatory surgery center may be more expensive; the facility and anesthesia fees at the hospital are higher, compared to Dr. Cangello’s AAAASF accredited Operating Room.

Exceptional quality of care may bring a higher price tag in the competitive field of plastic surgery, but this certainly isn’t an area where you want to compromise.

Patients seek revisions for many different surgeries, such as revision rhinoplasty, breast surgery, or facelift, and a second procedure may be more complex than initial

Dr. David Cangello is Johns Hopkins- educated and board-certified in plastic surgery with a decade of experience. Our facility is fully accredited (AAAASF certified), and we only use board-certified anesthesiologists. Patient safety is paramount; our fees reflect this commitment to superior care.

Paying for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Procedures that improve a medical condition, such as septoplasty in combination with rhinoplasty or breast reduction to alleviate pain, may be covered partially or in full by your health plan. It’s always important to speak to a representative from your medical plan to determine what you can expect them to contribute.

However, purely cosmetic procedures are typically paid for out-of-pocket. Before beginning treatment, Dr. Cangello’s staff ensures patients have a complete understanding of their obligations. Some patients choose to finance their elective procedures with third-party providers, such as CareCredit.

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