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“Dr. Cangello is a true artist, and a rather brilliant one at that. His attention to detail and execution of his vision are unsurpassable. He and his assistants are also extremely personable – an outstanding experience from start to finish. Thank you again, Dr. Cangello.”


“Dr. Cangello is a master of his craft. Imagine if an artist or sculpture became a plastic surgeon. I almost thought this was too good to be true. It’s not. I had a normal sized nose, just somewhat crooked and droopy. After seeing pictures of his work on patients with similar noses, I was confident I could achieve the same results. 10 days after surgery I had returned to work and nobody could tell I had work done. I now have a symmetrical and droopless nose that looks natural and fits my face, better than I expected. I couldn’t have asked for a better result.”


“Dr. Cangello is the best! I always wanted to change the shape of my nose and I was looking for a good doctor to do the procedure because plastic surgery is no joke. I am glad I chose Dr. Cangello! I am 3 weeks postop and I already love my nose! It’s so cute and natural looking! I definitely recommend him if you want to make a rhinoplasty!”


“I had breast implants done with Dr. Cangello in a single procedure.

He was incredible — very caring, and careful. The breast augmentation came out very well – and I recovered much more quickly than I was expected. The scars were almost gone within two weeks. He was aware of my concern about scarring, and all around he did a clean and smart job. I highly recommend him to​ women who want more natural looking breasts.

I interviewed a few doctors in the United States before selecting him. I had been a bit iffy if I was going to like the results and if they were going to look like natural breasts. He was really professional and paid close attention to the work. They look very natural. If you do breast work with him, you will be in good hands.”


“He is amazing! Made me feel super comfortable as soon as I met him. He is got a lot of patience, explains every little detail and is a great listener. Not to mention his work is absolutely amazing. Got fillers and I can tell he was very experienced and made the effort to make me feel good and look fantastic!”


“Thank you Dr. Cangello for your kindness and for changing my life. Words cannot express how happy I feel. Happy holidays and many blessings to you, your staff, and your beautiful family.”


“Visiting Dr. Cangello has been an amazing experience throughout! He is very friendly and easy to talk to about anything. I was never embarrassed or ashamed to mention any unhappiness with any physical features. He held my hand through several procedures that I found to be terrifying (because I’m a bit of a wimp). I have gone to him for earlobe reconstruction, several Botox® treatments, along with other major procedures (I’d rather not admit to those hehe). I am scheduled to visit him again next week for laser surgery on my tracheotomy and acne scars. Plus, I will be seeing him later this month for a surgical laser sweat gland procedure, Hyperhidrosis. I highly recommend this doctor to just about anyone for just about anything. The results are always amazing and he is very pleasant to have the procedures done by. His practice is very conveniently located too.”


“Dr. Cangello is an amazing plastic surgeon. He is very skilled in his craft and I am extremely happy with his fine hand at Botox® and fillers. Along with his ease in making one feel comfortable and welcomed, he is a great listener as well and his staff is very accommodating, professional, and polite.”


“After going to several different consultations with surgeons in the area, I was referred to Dr. David Cangello by a friend of mine, and scheduled a consultation right away. He greeted me at the door, and immediately I felt very comfortable with him. He spent time explaining to me every detail of the procedure, from recovery time down to the little details of things that could possibly annoy me. He is a very genuine and humble doctor, who is also a perfectionist, which is all very important to me. As far as the surgery is concerned, my results far exceeded my expectations, and I have been able to refer numerous people to him. I would definitely tell anyone to trust Dr. Cangello with their life and I’m sure if you met him you would agree.”


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