Arm Lift New York City

When your arm skin begins to lose its elasticity, it can begin to droop and become unresponsive to diet and exercise. This can be a direct result of many factors including; age, genetics, sun exposure, smoking or major weight loss. With the help of an experienced plastic surgeon, however, you can tighten and improve the definition of your arms with an arm lift for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

What Is an Arm Lift?

An arm lift can help eliminate the loose hanging skin and fat on the upper arms that can develop with age and/or weight loss. The procedure can:

  • Restore shape to the upper arms.
  • Add definition to the upper-arm.
  • Remove sagging skin tissue.
  • Remove excess fat.

The arm lift procedure can last from one and a half to two hours depending on the amount of tissue being removed. After anesthesia is administered, Dr. Cangello will begin the procedure with liposuction. He will reduced the overall circumference of the arm by debulking the fat and feathering the debulking into the surrounding aspects of the arm that are outside the area of skin excision. Once the fat has been adequately suctioned, Dr. Cangello will make an incision along the inner arm that extends from the elbow to the armpit. The exact length of the incision will depend on the amount of tissue being removed. Some patients who have a smaller amount of skin to be removed may be able to have an incision that is confined to and hidden in the armpit. It does not extend down the medial aspect of the arm in this case.

With excellent attention to detail and unmatched precision, Dr. Cangello will make an incision using a linear or curved pattern. While making the incision, he will find the best way to hide any post-surgical scars. Once the excess skin and fat are removed from the arms, the incisions will be meticulously sutured closed to create more-defined contours for the upper arms.

Am I a Good Candidate for an Arm Lift?

You are a good candidate for arm lift surgery if you have loose skin and excess fat on your upper arms that you want removed. To be considered for the procedure, however, you must have no serious health conditions, have sensible expectations about the surgery, and most importantly, be ready to follow any instructions given to you by Dr. Cangello. By adhering to these principles, you can significantly decrease the likelihood of difficulties during or after the procedure and optimize the healing process.

If you want your arms to be more defined and aesthetically pleasing, Dr. Cangello can help you decide if an arm lift procedure is the solution you’re looking for during your initial consultation.

The Consultation: Creating Your Arm Lift Plan

Obtaining the defined arms you desire requires you to be open about your medical background, including any underlying health conditions and medications you may be taking. To experience the best results, you should be well within your ideal weight range and you should not be planning on having children in the near future. If, however, you are planning on becoming pregnant or you expect your weight to fluctuate greatly, you will be advised to postpone the procedure.

You can talk to Dr. Cangello about your aesthetic goals and what you should expect from the procedure during your consultation. He is passionate about providing exceptional service to every patient and will help you obtain the most well proportioned arms possible. To achieve the best results for you, Dr. Cangello will evaluate every aspect of your arms and develop a plan to make them look more defined and proportional to the rest of your body. Dr. Cangello is meticulous about his work and he can help transform your arms by giving them the aesthetically pleasing look you desire.

Each individual patient receives an arm lift procedure that is tailored to fit their specific needs to ensure high quality results. Dr. Cangello will conduct a physical examination to fully evaluate the condition of your arms. He will analyze the quantity and quality of skin tissue and excess fat around your upper arms to determine the best type of incision to use for your procedure. The goal is always to minimize visible scarring so your preoperative planning will be done with this in mind.

Preparing for Your Arm Lift

Dr. Cangello’s commitment to his craft allows him to achieve exceptional results with his patients. To address your unique needs, Dr. Cangello will design a pre-operative plan for you to follow. This will ensure that you experience the best outcome possible. Depending on your current condition and the results you expect to see after the procedure, your plan may include various changes in habits that can potentially influence your health, including diet, smoking, physical activity, and more. You may also need to stop using certain medications and supplements. A detailed list of preoperative instructions will be given to you at your consultation. Furthermore, Dr. Cangello’s staff will go over them with you and answer any questions you may have.

The amount of excess skin tissue and fat tissue removed during your arm lift depends on your needs and preferences. Together, we will determine the ideal approach to make your arms more defined and appealing.

We understand that you want the healing process to be as quick and comfortable as possible. To facilitate a speedy recovery, a post-operative plan will be created to help lessen any pain and discomfort you feel throughout the healing process.

Where Will the Surgery Be Performed?

Dr. Cangello’s New York City office is fitted with a fully accredited (AAASF) state-of-the-art operating room on site and is more than suited for a variety of plastic surgery procedures, including an arm lift. You can analyze the facility yourself by requesting a tour when you come to meet Dr. Cangello for your consultation.

The Recovery Process

The recovery instructions given to you after the procedure are essential to healing quickly and comfortably. After the surgery, you will need to keep your arms elevated as much as possible for three days to maintain optimal blood flow and minimize swelling. It is important to understand that bruising and swelling are a natural part of the healing process.

Recovery can take between two and four weeks. You will have to take time off work for at least one week to relax. It’s important to remember to ask someone for help with errands and chores so that you have the proper amount of time to get your strength back and heal properly.

You may return to your normal schedule and most of your usual activities in around one to two weeks, but you will need to avoid strenuous physical activity of any kind for four weeks to ensure the best results possible. By treating your arms with the utmost care during your recovery period, you’ll obtain more pleasing results.

Please call our New York City office at 212-644-4416 to set up a consultation and learn how you can benefit from an arm lift.

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