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The natural aging process, a significant decrease in weight, genetics, and gravity often result in the appearance of sagging skin in various regions below the waistline. The areas affected are the buttocks, hips, abdomen, and the thighs. The loose skin can cause functional issues such as inhibited mobility and skin irritations. It can also be a great source of insecurity, decreasing the confidence of anyone who has to deal with it. Fortunately, with the help of Dr. David Cangello, you can reclaim the aesthetic appeal of those areas with a lower body lift.

What Is a Lower Body Lift?

A lower body lift, also known as a belt lipectomy, is a surgical procedure that can help drastically transform the mid and lower body. The main purpose of the procedure is to remove excess fat from the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks.

The procedure requires general anesthesia. Patients start in the prone position, lying face down. Dr. Cangello makes incisions in the area where the lower back and buttocks meet. He removes excess skin and fat in this area and elevates the buttocks at the same time. When necessary, the buttocks can be enhanced or augmented to add more fullness and projection at the same time. After the back side is finished, the patient is turned over so that he/she is lying on their back and the rest of the circumferential procedure is completed. He will remove excess skin and fat, tighten the stomach muscles, and close the incisions. Dr. Cangello will use a combination of surgical techniques during the procedure. Depending on your needs, these techniques may include:

  • Liposuction – used to eliminate excess fat deposits that do not respond well to diet and exercise.
  • Abdominoplasty – used to flatten the abdomen by tightening the abdominal wall and removing excess fat deposits and loose skin.
  • Thigh Lift – used to improve the thigh contours by tightening excess skin on the thighs and reducing their size to improve symmetry.
  • Buttock Lift – Used to tighten the sagging skin located on the buttocks and help to increase its firmness and improve its contours.

Dr. Cangello has unmatched artistic vision and expertise. He will analyze your body as a whole and develop a plan of action to help you achieve aesthetically pleasing results. He will strategically contour your body to create the most proportional and desirable appearance possible.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Lower Body Lift?

There are a great deal of factors that can help determine if you will make a good lower body lift candidate. If you aren’t happy with the appearance of your lower-body region and you have an excessive amount of sagging skin and fat on your abdomen, buttocks, hips, and thighs, you will most likely be a good candidate.

Patients should also have realistic expectations about the results they’ll obtain from the surgery. They must have the ability to follow specific instructions provided by Dr. Cangello, and most importantly, live in New York City or being willing to travel to meet with Dr. Cangello.

To obtain a well-proportioned and rejuvenated lower body, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Cangello to talk about the procedure and the benefits it can provide. He will help you decide if a lower body lift is right for you and discuss the results you can expect from the procedure.

The Consultation: Creating Your Lower Body Lift Plan

A consultation with Dr. Cangello is your first step toward achieving your ideal lower body shape. During your consultation, Dr. Cangello will talk to you about your medical history and the results you can expect to see from the procedure. You must be honest about any procedures you’ve had in the past, medications you’re currently taking, and any medical conditions you have. These factors can significantly alter your results and impact the amount of time it takes for you to recover.

Your results can also be affected by a significant change in your body; examples of this can include pregnancy and/or a dramatic change in weight. If you’re not within your ideal weight range or you’re planning on becoming pregnant in the near future, Dr. Cangello will advise that you postpone your procedure until you are within fifteen pounds of your ideal weight. Achieving your ideal weight before having surgery will help minimize the chances of requiring a revision procedure due to recurrence of skin sagging in the future.

Dr. Cangello combines excellent attention to detail with profound artistic vision. He is able to visualize the ideal proportions of the body to expertly sculpt the body and restore its natural form and structure. He will talk to you about your goals and how you would like your body to appear to create a plan for success.

Not every lower body lift procedure is exactly the same. Since everyone has unique attributes, the procedure must be built around the individual. To tailor the procedure to suit your needs, Dr. Cangello will conduct a physical examination to analyze your body’s unique features. He will analyze your height, weight, and the amount of excess skin and fat that will need to be removed and tightened. Based on his findings, Dr. Cangello will create a surgical plan that will help redefine your lower body.

Preparing for Your Lower Body Lift

A pre-operative plan will be developed during your initial consultation. It may include a variety of changes that you will have to make throughout your daily life, including a change in your dietary habits, smoking, and other habits that can potentially impact your health. Following your pre-operative plan is essential for achieving your desired results and minimizing the chance of any complications.

Where Will the Surgery Be Performed?

Dr. Cangello may perform your lower body lift in our New York City office, which is equipped with a fully accredited (AAASF) state-of-the-art operating room on-site. Depending on the specific characteristics of the patient and the patient’s health, the surgery may be performed at Lenox Hill Hospital where Dr. Cangello is on staff.

The Recovery Process

If your procedure is performed in the hospital, you may need to plan to stay overnight in the hospital. Dr. Cangello will discuss this with you at the consultation.

Upon waking up from the procedure, you will find that surgical drains have been placed to remove fluid that has accumulated during surgery. Dr. Cangello will wrap you in compression garment or binder to help minimize swelling, give the affected tissues added support, and make the skin smoother and flatter. You will have bandages in place under the compression garment/binder. You will need to ask Dr. Cangello about a modified sleep position and the best way to make use of cushions to minimize the stress on your incisions and reduce discomfort.

Undergoing a lower body lift will require a recovery period that may last anywhere between four to six weeks. During this time, you will have to refrain from performing some of your normal activities. In addition to this, you may also be required to take time off work for three to four weeks. You will need to request the help of a family member or friend so that your normal responsibilities can be taken care of while you receive an ample amount of time to rest.

The better you take care of yourself during the recovery period, the better your overall outcome will be. Following Dr. Cangello’s recovery plan is an essential component of the surgical process, because it will ensure that you heal properly and as quickly as possible. If followed correctly, you’ll be back to performing your normal activities in no time at all, and you’ll have the added benefit of looking great while doing them.

Please call our New York City office at 212-644-4416 to set up a consultation and learn how you can benefit from a lower body lift.

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