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Breasts naturally droop over time, but in some cases, the breasts may lose a great deal of elasticity due to pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and other factors. As a result, significant sagging can occur. And as the breast skin stretches further, the areolas may also enlarge.

Excessive sagging of the breasts can make a woman appear heavier than she is. It can also have an emotional impact, as some women report feeling a loss of femininity when the breasts deflate and/or droop. Breast lift surgery can provide a long-lasting and effective solution to restore a more lifted, youthful appearance to the breasts.

The procedure’s technical name is mastopexy and is a type of breast surgery that raises the breasts, removes excess skin, and restructures the internal breast tissue into a more attractive, rounded shape. The nipples and areolas are also resized and moved to a higher position. With this surgery, Dr. David Cangello can restore comfort and balance for those who have lost the youthful appearance of their breasts.

Restore shape and balance to your figure with a breast lift in NYC. Contact plastic surgeon Dr. David Cangello today at (212) 644-4416 to schedule your mastopexy consultation.
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Ideal Candidates for a Breast Lift in NYC

Breast droop may be caused by genetics, or it can be caused by a loss of skin elasticity due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, and aging. Treatment can help women who are dissatisfied with the position and shape of their breasts, due to these or other factors, attain a more youthful and balanced appearance.

Healthy women who exhibit the following can benefit from this procedure:


  • Excessively sagging breasts
  • Nipples that point downward or fall below the breast crease
  • Breasts that appear to be “deflated” and elongated

Breast droop might also cause women to avoid wearing certain types of clothing, or it may prevent some from feeling confident in romantic situations. Treatment can help women feel more comfortable with their body and restore balance to their figures. To see results from Dr. Cangello’s prior patients, view our before-and-after photo gallery.


Your Breast Lift Consultation

Breasts play an important role in a woman’s sense of femininity and beauty; cosmetic imperfections of the breasts, such as sagging and loss of volume, can significantly affect a woman’s self-image. Dr. Cangello understands that these matters may be a source of embarrassment or anxiety for patients, which is why he and his staff treat all questions and concerns with the utmost care and privacy.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Cangello will answer questions about the procedure in detail, and he will physically examine the patient’s breasts to assess the degree of sagging and loss of volume. Based on the patient’s anatomy and cosmetic goals, he will create a custom treatment plan to help them feel more comfortable with their figure.

Dr. Cangello will also help patients explore additional surgical options that may complement the results of treatment. The breast lift itself can restore some fullness to the upper pole of the breasts, but it’s not always enough to meet the patient’s aesthetic goals. For this reason, many women choose to have their [procedure performed with a breast augmentation or fat transfer for optimal results. Whichever procedure is chosen, Dr. Cangello is dedicated to helping patients achieve their goals from cosmetic surgery.


Breast Lift Surgery: How It Works

The surgical technique used during the mastopexy will depend on the extent of sagging, the size of the breasts, and the amount of excess skin. Dr. Cangello will use one of the following methods:

Crescent Mastopexy

This is the least invasive breast lift technique, and it is reserved for patients who need only the smallest amount of lifting or repositioning of the nipple-areolar complex.  With this technique, a small crescent shape of breast skin and tissue is removed from the top of the areola to provide lift.

The downside to this procedure is that the areolar size cannot be reduced; however, it results in the least amount of scarring on the breast. The resultant scar will go around half of the circumference of the areola.

Benelli Mastopexy

This is also known as a “donut lift” or a “circumareolar lift.” This technique is best performed on women who need a small degree of lift for the nipple-areolar complex (not more than a couple centimeters), and who do not have excessive breast skin. With this procedure, a donut-shaped incision is made around the areola. Excess tissue and skin are removed, and, if necessary, the areola is reshaped and made smaller. The remaining breast tissue is then tightened and sutured around the areola.

The resultant scar from this procedure is easily concealed, as the incision only goes around the circumference of the areola.

Vertical Mastopexy

This technique is sometimes called the “lollipop lift,” and it is recommended for women with a moderate level of breast sagging. Its lollipop-shaped incision encircles the areola, and then from the bottom of the areola, it runs vertically down the breast into the breast crease. Skin and tissue are removed from the lower part of the breast and around the areola. The remaining breast tissue is then repositioned higher on the chest wall and reshaped to improve breast projection.

Anchor Mastopexy

This technique is recommended for women whose breasts experience significant sagging. The incision is similar to the vertical mastopexy, but it has an additional incision along the breast crease, so the incisions form an anchor shape. Once the incisions are made and the excess skin and tissues are removed, sutures are used to close the incisions and hold the newly shaped breast tissue together to create a tighter, lifted breast.

This is the most extensive method available, allowing Dr. Cangello to tighten the breast both vertically and horizontally.

Restore shape and balance to your figure with a breast lift in NYC. Contact plastic surgeon Dr. David Cangello today at (212) 644-4416 to schedule your mastopexy consultation.


Breast Lift, NYC – FAQs

Where Will My  Procedure Be Performed?

Treatment is provided at Dr. Cangello’s on-site operating room. This state-of-the-art surgical facility is fully accredited and meets the AAAASF’s (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) strict standards. And for optimal safety during the procedure, Dr. Cangello only works with board-certified anesthesiologists. If it is preferred to have the procedure performed in a hospital, Dr. Cangello also has operating privileges at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in NYC.

What Is the Recovery Like?

While all patients’ experiences will vary, this surgery does not produce an excessively uncomfortable recovery period. After treatment is complete, you will wake up with a surgical dressing over your incisions, and you will be wearing a post-surgical bra. Your breasts may feel achy, swollen or bruised following the surgery, but Dr. Cangello will prescribe appropriate pain medication to make recovery as comfortable as possible.

Most patients can return to work after about a week, but exercise should be avoided for four-to-six weeks. During your recovery period, you will need to sleep on your back and avoid bending over or lifting heavy objects. You must also wear a surgical support bra for six weeks after surgery. Once your healing is complete, you can begin wearing bras of your choosing with or without underwire.

How Long After Giving Birth Do I Have to Wait Before Having a Lift?

Patients should wait at least six months after giving birth or breastfeeding (whichever is more recent) before having breast surgery. This procedure is often included as part of a mommy makeover.

Can I Breastfeed After a Lift?

There is a very good chance you’ll still be able to breastfeed after your procedure. However, there is a slight chance that your ability to breastfeed may be diminished. This depends on the technique used, which Dr. Cangello will discuss with you during your consultation.

Will a Breast Lift Give Me Scars?

During your mastopexy, Dr. Cangello will take great care to make the incisions as meticulously as possible to ensure your scars are minimal. Most scars are easily concealed, but your particular scars will depend on the type of mastopexy performed:


  • Crescent Mastopexy: Scar will go around half of the circumference of the areola.
  • Benelli Mastopexy: You will have a donut-shaped scar around the areola.
  • Vertical Mastopexy: This scar is similar to the Benelli mastopexy, but it also has a vertical scar that goes from the bottom of the areola down to the breast crease (in the shape of a lollipop).
  • Anchor Mastopexy: This scar is the same as the lollipop scar, but it also has a scar that goes along the breast crease (in the shape of an anchor).

Are the Results of a Breast Lift Permanent?

Significant weight gain or a substantial increase in breast size can cause an earlier recurrence of breast sagging. Pregnancy can also cause changes in the breasts that may affect the results of your cosmetic procedure. These factors aside, you can expect the results to be very long lasting.

Restore shape and balance to your figure with a breast lift in NYC. Contact plastic surgeon Dr. David Cangello today at (212) 644-4416 to schedule your mastopexy consultation.


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