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Rhinoplasty: 5 Things You Should Know

woman preparing for rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty: 5 Things You Should Know

When considering rhinoplasty, many people focus solely on the end result—their new and improved nose. However, they often overlook other crucial aspects that can significantly influence both the success of the procedure and their recovery experience. By understanding the full scope of what the surgery entails, including preparation, potential considerations, and what to anticipate post-operatively, patients can set realistic expectations and make informed decisions that lead to better outcomes and a smoother recovery. Here are the five important things you should know if you’re considering this transformative procedure.


1. Choosing a Qualified Surgeon Is The Most Important Decision You’ll Make

Rhinoplasty is considered the most complex of all facial plastic surgeries due to the nose’s central role and its structural intricacies. Selecting a highly qualified, board-certified surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty is crucial. The surgeon’s experience and understanding of facial aesthetics will greatly influence the outcome. Don’t choose your surgeon based on what you see on Instagram; research their credentials, review before-and-after photos of actual patients, and consider their approach during consultations to ensure they align with your vision and needs.

Additionally, choosing a surgeon who is a member of The Rhinoplasty Society (as Dr. Cangello is) assures you are working with a surgeon that is highly experienced and dedicated to the specialty of teaching and performing the art of rhinoplasty.


2. Finding Realistic Inspiration is Paramount

It’s important to approach rhinoplasty with a goal of enhancing your natural features, not replacing them with those of someone else. Bringing a photo of a celebrity as inspiration can be helpful, but only if their overall facial structure is similar to yours. The objective of rhinoplasty is to restore balance to your face, not to replicate another’s features. Discuss with your surgeon what is realistically achievable, keeping in mind that the best outcomes enhance your existing features rather than attempting to create new ones.


3. There Are Limitations to What Rhinoplasty Can Achieve

Rhinoplasty has its limits. For instance, if you have a prominent nose and a receding chin, adjusting the nose alone might not achieve the harmony you are seeking. Sometimes, additional procedures, such as chin augmentation or a lip lift, may be necessary to create overall facial balance. Your surgeon can provide guidance on what rhinoplasty can and cannot do for you, and whether other procedures might be needed to meet your aesthetic goals.


4. Post-Surgical Depression and Emotional Swings Are Normal

It’s not uncommon to experience a range of emotions, including depression, after any surgical procedure including rhinoplasty. This emotional response is partly due to the effects of anesthesia and the initial appearance of swelling and bruising, which can obscure the final result. Recognize that these feelings are normal and usually temporary; for those that experience post-surgical depression, most find their symptoms resolved within six months.

Barring acute post-surgical depression, rhinoplasty can improve both psychological and emotional well-being, beyond just the physical changes. That’s because cosmetic rhinoplasty is more than just a physical transformation—it’s a procedure that can greatly boost how people feel about themselves.


5. Expect Fluctuations in Swelling & Appearance

The healing process after rhinoplasty can be lengthy and varies day by day. Swelling can fluctuate, making the nose appear different from one day to the next. For most patients, it’s essential to understand that it can take up to 18 months to see the final result.

In Dr. Cangello’s practice, he uses a specialized dissection technique (dissecting the nose in the sub or supraperichondrial plane) to preserve lymphatics, so post-surgical swelling in general tends to be much less for his patients compared to others who perform this operation. Swelling that does arise dissipates much more quickly. His use of the Piezo ultrasonic device also assists in this as there is no collateral damage to soft tissue when bones are shaped and cut as with the use of traditional rhinoplasty instrumentation. Dr. Cangello’s patients look great at only 1 month post-op and while it does take 12-18 months to achieve their absolute final result, only a very  small amount of swelling is still present after 3 months.


Learn More About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a significant decision that requires understanding the complexity of the surgery, choosing the right surgeon, setting realistic goals, acknowledging emotional ups and downs, and exercising patience through the healing process. With careful planning and clear communication with your surgeon, you can maximize your chances of a successful transformation.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards your ideal nose, please contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cangello, a world-renowned expert in rhinoplasty based in NYC. As one of the select 139 members of The Rhinoplasty Society and a Castle Connolly Top Doctor, Dr. Cangello brings unparalleled expertise and precision to each procedure.

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