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A More Natural Alternative for Reversing Facial Aging

Dr. Cangello often speaks with patients about the topic of aging at their consultations. It’s on the minds of a lot of people, and there’s more than anecdotal evidence to prove that. According to market research, the global anti-aging market is expected to grow by about 6% over the next three years, reaching more than $330 billion by 2021. Preventing early signs of aging, managing the aging process with grace, and reversing the signs of age are all common reasons people set out to find a great plastic surgeon.

Body contouring procedures are the options chosen by some to regain a youthful appearance and achieve an ideal aesthetic, but many turn to facial plastic surgery procedures because the face tends to be a more visible display of a person’s age. Plastic surgery may be the best option depending on individual circumstances. However, many patients are surprised to hear about less invasive and more natural options, such as facial fat transfer, to restore fullness or correct surface irregularities on the face. Learn more about how this procedure can help reduce some of the major signs of age.


Is Facial Fat Transfer Better Than a Facelift?

Even if you’ve never considered facial rejuvenation, you’ve probably heard of a facelift. During this procedure, deeper structures of the face are lifted, and the underlying muscles are tightened to address deep folds, such as the nasolabial folds, and sagging skin. Depending on the patient’s long-term goals to reverse aging, a facelift may be a wonderful option.

For those seeking to reverse facial aging, Dr. Cangello often suggests facial fat transfer, which can be used alone or as an adjunct to other surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty and/or a facelift. Facial fat transfer is also sometimes referred to as facial fat grafting, microlipoinjection, facial fat sculpting, or autologous fat transfer. Despite its many long-winded aliases, the procedure itself can be simply explained. Donor fat is taken from your body, spun in a centrifuge to isolate the healthy fat cells, and then the cells are delivered to areas of the face to produce more youthful contours and volume where needed. Because the fat comes from your own body, there’s no risk of rejection and complications are rare.

The question of which is best suited for you – facial fat transfer alone or in combination with a facelift – is usually answered during your initial consultation. From there, your individual treatment plan will be developed. Factors such as your age, ideal appearance, and available recovery time can help you discover your best option for reversing signs of facial aging.


Fat Transfer vs. Injectables and Facial Implants

Dermal fillers are useful for restoring facial volume and creating harmony among facial features. Their role in sculpting the face makes them an attractive option for those seeking an effective anti-aging solution and overall rejuvenation.

There are many advantages of fillers and injectables. They’re usually quick, and they’re considered one of the least invasive treatments. Plus, there’s a wide range of products that can all achieve different results. However, their results won’t last forever, and that can make the anti-aging journey very expensive over time.

Facial fat transfer, on the other hand, will have longer-lasting results than most injectables. Additionally, fillers introduce a foreign substance to your body, which might make facial fat transfer an attractive option if you’re seeking a more natural alternative.  In recent years, cheek implants have also become a popular option to reverse the hollow appearance caused by loss of volume. Implants are usually used in the face to create bold changes to a person’s appearance, whereas facial fat transfer tends to create a softer, fuller face without changing its foundation.


Choose a Skilled, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon for Your Facial Fat Transfer

The solutions to facial irregularities and aging are made possible by modern science and medicine, but a patient’s goals are achieved through expertise and artistry. If you’re thinking about undergoing a cosmetic procedure and want to know more about your options for attaining the most natural-looking results possible, contact Dr. Cangello for a fat transfer consultation in NYC.

Dr. Cangello had the privilege of being the associate of and learning from Dr. Sydney Coleman, who is widely considered an expert and pioneer of fat grafting techniques. The experience and wisdom he gained while performing numerous fat grafting cases with Dr. Coleman is immensely beneficial to patients who are seeking a long-lasting and natural-looking option for treating facial aging.

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