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How These 5 Procedures Can Help You Flaunt Your Figure by Summer

It’s nice to see the days start getting a little longer in New York City. This means spring is right around the corner and summer is soon to follow. After these long winter months, most of us are probably ready to pull out the sunglasses, shorts, and sundresses.

If you’ve spent all winter in a thick coat, hat, and gloves, it’s fantastic to finally shed some clothing and feel sexy for a change. However, those delicious holiday meals and the bitter cold days sometimes keep you hibernating and unable to burn as much body fat as you would’ve liked in the off months.

Whether you’re looking to sculpt the final touches on your beautiful physique or make up for some lost time in the gym, these five plastic surgery procedures can help you radiate confidence just in time for the summer:

The Benefits of a Great Breast Augmentation

Genes, natural aging, pregnancy, and bodyweight changes all influence the way a woman’s breasts look. Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States and may be done for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons. It can restore or boost confidence by giving you natural, symmetrical breasts and body shape. Breast enhancement surgery is often used to help breasts appear more even, full, or proportioned. Additionally, breast augmentation can help you rock a range of great summer fashion items.

A Tummy Tuck for Your Ideal Midsection

It may seem like no amount of strict dieting or exercise is enough to achieve the abs you dream about. Significant weight loss from dieting and exercise can also cause loose skin and hide the perfect set of abdominal muscles you’ve worked so hard for. To help get the most out of the sweat and tears you shed in pursuit of a well-sculpted midsection, you might consider an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, before this summer. A tummy tuck restores the natural shape of the abdomen by tightening the abdominal wall and targeting excess fat and loose skin. The result is typically a flatter, more sculpted stomach. Some women choose to get a tummy tuck as part of a mommy makeover or to simply tighten loose skin after giving birth. If you’re a mother considering abdominoplasty, it’s recommended you wait until you’ve finished having children to schedule your procedure.

Aesthetic Harmony with a Brazilian Butt Lift

The buttocks play a central role in promoting an overall balanced figure. Many women these days are interested in accentuating their curves and one way to achieve this is by having a tapered waist line and rounder, fuller buttocks. A fat transfer procedure called a Brazilian butt lift can help you achieve those goals. Brazilian butt lift, sometimes called BBL, is minimally invasive and can have the added benefit of making a person’s waist appear thinner while also slimming down the areas used as donor sites for the fat transfer. Simply put, it’s a great, safe way to give your body a sexy shape.

Discover Your Perfect Body Contour with Liposuction

It can be discouraging to spend hours upon hours in the gym only to have genetics and stubborn fat deposits resistant to exercise prohibit you from achieving your ideal physique. Liposuction is a common medical procedure performed on many areas of the body such as the face, neck, back, abdomen, love handles, hips (also referred to as saddlebags) and thighs. Please note that it’s not a weight loss tool, but rather a way to improve your body contour. If you’re fairly close to your ideal weight, but just can’t seem to get the right shape in certain areas, liposuction may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Get Rid of Gynecomastia with Male Breast Reduction

As many as half of all men in the U.S. will experience gynecomastia, which is the appearance of enlarged male breasts. This condition can have a very detrimental effect on a man’s confidence and be caused by a wide range of factors including medications, genetics, or hormonal issues. Even if you work out and maintain a healthy weight, extra glandular tissue can cause your chest to appear larger and less defined than it should. If you would like to feel more confident when removing your shirt but gynecomastia is making that difficult, consider a consultation for male breast reduction surgery with Dr. Cangello.

Your Ideal Summer Body Begins with a Thorough Consultation

If reading about these procedures has you excited for summer, we recommend sitting down with a plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and find out what is aesthetically possible. At our NYC plastic surgery office, we take pride in being thorough with your questions, comfort, and safety. We’ll ensure you’re a good candidate for plastic surgery and make sure you go into the procedure feeling relaxed and confident.

Don’t wait until the summer – you can start your journey with Dr. Cangello by scheduling a consultation with our NYC office.

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