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Dr. Cangello on why a good Plastic Surgeon knows when to say no to a patient

Plastic surgery addiction is real, and has real-life consequences, as Rodrigo Alves can attest. Known as the “human Ken doll,” for his plastic-like appearance derived from years of going under the knife, Alves is now experiencing persistent health issues related to his excessive surgeries. With 72 procedures to date—totaling more than $750,000—Alves is now facing additional surgeries, except this time, it’s to fix the infections and tissue damage stemming from multiple rhinoplasties that have left him barely able to breathe. Insider recently consulted Dr. Cangello for his expert opinion in their report on Alves and his ongoing saga with plastic surgery complications.

Addressing low self-esteem before cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures

Cosmetic surgery can improve a person’s appearance and boost self-esteem, but if a patient is suffering from body-dysmorphic disorder, a mental disorder where sufferers cannot stop thinking about perceived flaws, they may be more likely to develop a surgical addiction. That’s why it is important that patients address underlying psychological issues before considering plastic surgery—and critical that surgeons can spot these individuals.

Plastic surgery addiction, or the behavioral compulsion to continuously alter one’s appearance with repetitive cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, is becoming more prevalent. With approximately 23 million procedures done each year, plastic surgery is considered safe, but any procedure comes with risks and those risks can be compounded with multiple procedures.

How surgeons can help address body-dysmorphia and plastic surgery addiction

As one of New York City’s premiere plastic surgeons, Dr. Cangello recently weighed in on the issue, telling Insider, “The thing about plastic surgery is, as physicians, we shouldn’t be operating on people unless they have realistic expectations coming in and a healthy and positive self-image.”

Read the Full Article to learn more about the risks associated with plastic surgery addiction.

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