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Dr. Cangello Talks About Stretch Mark Removal Procedures with

Stretch marks are red or white indented streaks that appear when skin stretches or shrinks rapidly due to weight fluctuations. For some, these sudden changes make the elastin and collagen within the skin rupture, causing stretch marks to appear. A form of scarring that usually diminishes over time, stretch marks affect many men and women and most commonly appear during puberty and pregnancy OR WITH SIGNIFICANT WEIGHT FLUCTUATION—and many are looking for ways to minimize them or get rid of them entirely.

Why Stretch Mark Removal Surgery Isn’t a Thing

As one of New York City’s leading Plastic Surgeons, Dr. David Cangello was featured in an article that discusses stretch mark treatments, including why surgery isn’t the best option to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Because the only surgical procedure to remove stretch marks is excisional surgery (cutting the skin containing the stretch marks out), “the resultant surgical scar is not really the best trade off,” says Dr. Cangello.

There are times when excisional surgery does make sense however, such as after extreme weight loss. Other procedures that utilize excisional surgery are the tummy tuck, thigh lift, arm lift, and mommy makeover—all of which benefit patients with loose skin and stretch marks.

Other Options For Reducing Stretch Marks

Dr. Cangello goes on to say that, “There is no cream or topical that gets rid of stretch marks. One that has a retinol would be your best bet because retinols do actually have the ability to stimulate collagen production, but the result, if any, will still be quite limited. Creams containing retinol are good for preparing the skin for laser treatments as they help to potentiate the effects of the laser. This is also true for exfoliant washes.” Another option would be laser treatment with Fractional CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), which can stimulate some repigmentation and blend the stretch marks.

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