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Dr. Cangello Explains Skin Conditions Caused by Older Tattoos

Man and Woman with TattoosNew York Plastic Surgeon Dr. David L. Cangello is often consulted by various media outlets to share his expertise on a range of topics related to cosmetic procedures and skin care. Recently, Allure magazine featured Dr. Cangello in a report on some of the long-term effects of tattoos. While most people are familiar with the risk of infection during the tattoo healing process, not everyone is aware that tattoos can cause skin conditions to develop months or years after they are healed.

Could Your Tattoo Cause an Allergy or Infection After Healing?

Allure outlines different ways in which tattoos can cause skin irritation, including several skin conditions. Dr. Cangello discusses a rare condition called a pseudolymphomatous reaction, which is a type of delayed sensitivity that may be triggered by red tattoo ink. He explains that, “cells called lymphocytes infiltrate the skin in the area of the antigen — or red pigment in this case — and cause an inflammatory reaction.”

Another way in which tattoos can irritate skin is by activating a skin condition that you were already predisposed to, such as eczema or psoriasis. Dr. Cangello clarifies that a tattoo can instigate a new reaction or cause a flare-up of a pre-existing skin condition. Read the full article in Allure magazine to learn more.

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