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Dr. Cangello Helps 17-Year-Old Girl Get the Perfect Nose for Prom


Seventeen Magazine recently featured Dr. Cangello in a video that showed how he helped a 17-year-old girl get the nose of her dreams – and just in time for prom. 17-year-old Angie, a high school senior, decided to pursue rhinoplasty after being uncomfortable with her appearance for years.

When teens want to undergo rhinoplasty, it sometimes raises the concern that they’re not ready – physically or emotionally. But Dr. Cangello explained in the video that he can assess a patient’s physical maturity by asking when they last changed their shoe size. “If it’s been at least a year,” he said, “then we know that their skeletal growth has stopped and at that point it’s safe to have rhinoplasty.”

He also assured viewers that he takes special care to make sure teens are emotionally mature before they have the procedure. He explained that he asks patients, “…why they’re here, how long their nose has bothered them, what specifically about their nose bothers them, and what they want to have changed. You can tell by the way the patient answers the questions whether they’re mentally and emotionally mature enough to have this procedure. It’s also important to know that they are not being pressured into the decision to have a cosmetic procedure or doing it for the wrong reason(s). These things are assessed in consultation.”

Angie was seeking a more refined, feminine profile, so Dr. Cangello performed an open rhinoplasty to correct her dorsal hump and flat, depressed nasal tip. As opposed to a closed rhinoplasty that only uses internal incisions, an open approach allows the nasal structures to be visualized in their entirety.

This gives Dr. Cangello a huge advantage in making subtle, precise enhancements that look completely natural. But even subtle enhancements can have a positive influence on a patient’s outlook. In the video, Dr. Cangello explained, “When you alter the shape of the nose it does a tremendous thing for improving people’s self-confidence, and they usually come back extremely happy with how they look and feel.”

Although she was nervous on the day of surgery, Angie’s results were transformational. Dr. Cangello focused on making the nasal bridge straight and smooth and giving the tip just enough projection, refinement and elevation to improve her profile and balance her face. Once the bandages came off and she had a chance to heal, Angie said, “I like the shape of my nose, I think it fits me. I just feel like I’m complete.”

Want to see Angie’s journey with Dr. Cangello? Be sure to check out the video on YouTube and Seventeen Magazine.

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