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Do You Really Know Your Face Shape? Elle Consults Dr. Cangello

It seems like a simple question — what shape is your face? However, the answer is actually much more nuanced than you may think. Knowing your true face shape can help you choose which beauty treatments, accessories, and hairstyles will make you look your best. Elle Magazine sought the expertise of NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr. David L. Cangello for a thorough explanation of all six face shapes, plus tips on how to determine yours. As an artist and a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon highly experienced in facial surgery, Dr. Cangello was able to provide great insights into the geometry behind face shape.

The Six Face Shapes

The six typical face shapes are:

  1. Oval
  2. Square
  3. Round
  4. Rectangle
  5. Heart
  6. Diamond
  7. Dr. Cangello explains that in order to get an accurate idea of face shape, you need a straight-on, frontal view. From there, the key to determining face shape lies in the way that the temples, cheekbones, and lower jaw relate to each other. For example, if a face is the “same width at the temples, cheek bones and angles of the lower jaw,” then it is considered to be square. Read the full article to get the details on every face shape.

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