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Ethnic Rhinoplasty With Dr. Cangello Featured on Refinery29

28-year-old Elizabeth Lewis had always felt like an outsider in her own family due to physical characteristics stemming from her Lebanese heritage. From peach fuzz to a unibrow, and especially her “hook nose,” the very attributes that added to her Arabic features.

While Elizabeth loves her heritage and has embraced most of her distinctive features, the one thing that she could never get over was her nose. And while a hooked nose is more prominent in certain ethnicities—it’s an inherited genetic feature that can run often in families—neither Elizabeth’s mom nor sister shared this trait.

After more than five years of research, Elizabeth decided to have her rhinoplasty procedure performed by Dr. Cangello. She wanted to work with someone highly experienced in ethnic rhinoplasty (and the fact that he’s also Lebanese didn’t hurt either!)

Elizabeth wanted to share her rhinoplasty journey to fight the stigma associated with plastic surgery. “I don’t want to look like everyone else,” she says, “normal is boring. I want to look more like my family and feel beautiful.”

Watch this video from Refinery29 to hear Elizabeth discuss what she didn’t like about her nose and what her cosmetic goals were for her rhinoplasty. You’ll see everything from Elizabeth’s first consultation with Dr. Cangello all the way to the day of her surgery, and then, the final reveal of her amazing transformation and the nose she’s always dreamed of having.

“I’ve seen firsthand the way that changing the shape of the nose can change someone’s self-esteem,” says Dr. Cangello. “Making this feature more in harmony with the rest of the face can totally change the way they feel about themselves.”

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