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Ethnic Rhinoplasty With Dr. Cangello Featured on Harper’s Bazaar

Native New Yorker Jasmine wanted her face to be more aesthetically pleasing and felt that the way to do it was through ethnic rhinoplasty. Jasmine is Indian, and her prominent nose had been an issue for her for most of her life. She first noticed something was different about her nose as a child when her sister called it a “carrot nose” due to the distinctive bump on her dorsum.

After months of research and consultations with multiple surgeons, Jasmine found Dr. Cangello. His breadth of surgical experience, speciality in rhinoplasty and facial cosmetic surgery, as well as his dedication to working with her to achieve the result she wanted all compelled her to work with him. In addition to the fact that Dr. Cangello takes the patient’s whole face into consideration, as well as their ethnic background, when creating a surgical plan with an eye towards what is going to look most natural. “Everyone in my family’s nose is so proportionate to their face, so I would like to join the club,” said Jasmine.

Jasmine requested that Dr. Cangello make her nose smaller and more feminine without changing the overall features of her face. Jasmine wanted a more petite nose that was straighter and didn’t have the hump on the dorsum—and Dr. Cangello delivered. Jasmine’s new nose is more feminine without losing her ethnic look, and that was hugely important to her.

Watch Jasmine’s plastic surgery journey documented by Harper’s Bazaar, from her open rhinoplasty procedure in the operating room where Dr. Cangello reduces the hump and rotates her nasal tip so it points slightly upwards instead of down, to her final results where she shares her amazing transformation.

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