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The Importance of Natural-Looking Results in Plastic Surgery

From the patients featured on the TV show “Botched” to people you see on the street, we’ve all witnessed what happens when plastic surgery fails to produce natural-looking results. In fact, many men and women put off undergoing cosmetic enhancements for this very reason.

The fear of ending up looking drastically different is a common one, and many people seeking plastic surgery simply want to look like a better version of themselves. If this is the case, then why do some patients end up with unnatural results?

Below, we’ll be taking a look at the some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, and how cosmetic pitfalls can be avoided with each one. We’ll also discuss the best ways to find a plastic surgeon who can produce the aesthetic results you desire.

Facial Plastic Surgery


The nose serves an important role in determining the overall harmony of facial features, so it’s no surprise that rhinoplasty is consistently one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures year after year. But we’ve all seen what happens when nose surgery goes wrong: the nose tip looks too upturned, the nasal bridge can collapse, and facial features may look out of proportion.

When it comes to rhinoplasty, even the subtlest refinement can make a huge difference, which is why nose surgery requires the care and skill of an expert. The biggest key to achieving natural-looking results from rhinoplasty is by respecting the proportions of the patient’s anatomy. If these proportions are too distorted in either direction, the overall balance of facial features will be thrown off. Instead of trying to create a nose that matches a celebrity’s, your surgeon should aim to sculpt a nose that ideally complements your features. During your consultation for rhinoplasty, be sure to fully explain your reasons for seeking nose surgery so that your surgeon can visualize your cosmetic goals and implement the surgical techniques that would best suit you.


Blepharoplasty is an excellent option for rejuvenating the appearance of tired, sagging eyelids. But this eyelid surgery can quickly go from “refreshed” to “windswept” without the right approach. Since your eyes are one of the most visible parts of your appearance, cosmetic changes to this area must strike a delicate balance between being subtle and effective.

As with any type of plastic surgery, it’s all about respecting the natural contours of the face or body. Accordingly, the best results from blepharoplasty are achieved with a conservative approach. Excess skin may be removed, and the tiny underlying muscles will be tightened to provide a naturally lifted appearance instead of the “pulled-back” look that many patients want to avoid. Likewise, removing all of the fatty deposits is not ideal, as this may cause the surrounding area to look hollow. Your surgeon should have the artistic foresight to leave enough fat to maintain a more youthful look whenever possible.  As you can see from before-and-after photos, this approach produces truly natural-looking results that allow the patient to look rested and refreshed.

Facelift and Necklift

Like blepharoplasty, facelifts and necklifts are procedures that require a surgeon to respect the natural tension lines of the skin and muscles. Although this was common with older facelift techniques, the skin should not simply be stretched. When approaching facelift surgeries, Dr. Cangello instead focuses on lifting the deeper tissues of the face and repositioning them for a more naturally youthful appearance. Once underlying muscles are tightened, he removes excess skin as needed, resulting in a smooth look that allows patients to turn back the clock.

When searching for a plastic surgeon to perform your facelift, be sure to choose someone who is board certified and an expert in facial anatomy. You should also inquire about their techniques and methods and ask to see plenty of before-and-after photos to gauge their skill.

Lip Augmentation

From social media to Hollywood, plump lips have taken over, causing many women to seek out lip augmentation. But this procedure has become notorious for producing results that look completely unnatural. With the right approach, it’s possible to have full lips without the “trout pout” look.

Ideal results from a lip augmentation will maintain the natural architecture of your lips – that’s not to say that you can’t have the plump lips you’ve always wanted. You can still have bold enhancements, but your surgeon must work within the natural proportions of your lips rather than beyond them.

Your surgeon can also help you decide which lip augmentation method is best for you. There are a few techniques available: fillers, silicone lip implants, and fat transfer. In either case, the success of your lip augmentation relies on the skill and experience of your surgeon, so be sure to choose someone who is board certified and has in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy.

Plastic Surgery of the Body

Breast Augmentation

Whether due to age, genetics, or pregnancy, many women become unhappy with the appearance of their breasts at some point, which is why breast augmentation has remained such a popular procedure. This surgery can enhance both shape and volume, and these days, women have many options in terms of breast implant type, shape, and placement.

Because this is such a highly customized procedure, it requires careful consideration when it comes to choosing where the implant will be placed, where the incisions will be made, what size would work best, the list goes on. What works for one body type will not necessarily work for another, and a skilled surgeon will be able to determine what would best enhance your body.

For example, very thin women who have small amounts of breast tissue might experience visible rippling at the implant edges with saline implants. Also, the transaxillary incision technique (inserting the implant through an incision made in the underarm) may lead to implant malposition. Implant malposition is when the implants move out of their intended position, often causing an unnatural or distorted appearance which can only be corrected through revision breast surgery.

Also, choosing implant size is another crucial step toward achieving natural-looking results. The right size ultimately depends on factors like your body frame, your natural breast tissue, and cosmetic goals. An ideal surgeon will be attentive to your needs and will use this information to help you choose a size that would best enhance your body. When considering breast surgery, be sure to look at plenty of before-and-after photos from your potential surgeons. This will give you a better idea of what kind of results he or she can achieve.


Liposuction is another popular procedure that can remove exercise-resistant fat and create a smooth, contoured appearance on the body. But when it comes to liposuction, it’s not about suctioning out the most fat possible from the treatment area. This is what leads to a patient’s body looking distorted. Poor results from liposuction can make the skin look rippled and uneven, or create a shape that looks “boxy” and out of proportion with the rest of the body.

Liposuction, as is most plastic surgery, is both an art and a science. Your plastic surgeon should know where to remove fat and where to leave fat so that you can have a figure that will complement your natural body shape. Likewise, liposuction should only be performed on appropriate candidates. After fat is removed from the body, the skin will need to essentially “shrink down” over the new contour. If your skin lacks adequate elasticity, then there’s a chance your results will look lumpy or you’ll develop excess skin. During your consultation, make sure that your potential surgeon pays careful attention to your muscular tone, fatty deposits, and skin quality when physically examining your body.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Women these days aren’t afraid to show off their bold curves, and for those lacking a naturally round derrière, Brazilian butt lift procedures offer an ideal solution. However, to get optimal results, you need the care and skill of an expert. Here’s why: the Brazilian butt lift is performed via fat grafting. This innovative procedure removes fat from the patient’s own body and then reinjects the fat into areas that are lacking volume (like the buttocks.) But when it comes to redistributing this fat, it truly requires artistic insight in addition to surgical precision.

Ideally shaped buttocks must be in proportion with the rest of the body, and surgeons need to be meticulous about their technique to maintain a natural-looking curvature. Otherwise, patients may end up with surface irregularities or buttocks that look over-enhanced and even square in appearance.

Few surgeons can call themselves experts of fat grafting, but Dr. David Cangello is one of only two surgeons in the world trained by one of the original pioneers of the technique, Dr. Sydney Coleman. Dr. Cangello has even co-authored a chapter in Dr. Coleman’s book regarding correction of deformities associated with Brazilian butt lift procedures. When it comes to Brazilian butt lift surgery, it’s always best to choose a surgeon who has extensive experience with this innovative procedure.


Abdominoplasty, or a “tummy tuck,” is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen and tightens the underlying abdominal muscles for a more toned appearance. But an overly aggressive technique may produce results that look out of proportion with the rest of the body. Also, this major, multifaceted procedure requires the surgeon to have an artistic understanding of what will look best and the surgical talent to carry out that vision.

For example, a new hole is often cut for the navel during abdominoplasty. A misshapen bellybutton can completely alter the appearance of your newly sculpted stomach. As a result, the method used to cut this hole will have a big effect on how it will look once healed. A skilled surgeon will take great care to create a navel that looks as natural as possible. Overall, the results of an abdominoplasty should match the subtle contours of a naturally flat tummy, rather than looking unnaturally flat.

When considering abdominoplasty, be sure to seek out a surgeon who is board-certified in plastic surgery, which is the only plastic surgery board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Patients undergoing an abdominoplasty by a board-certified surgeon can help ensure an optimal outcome from their procedure.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon for Natural-Looking Results

Technically, any practicing physician with a medical degree can perform plastic surgery. But as we’ve highlighted above, one of the best ways to ensure a positive outcome from cosmetic enhancements is to go with a surgeon who is board certified in plastic surgery. In order to prove their mastery of plastic surgery, these surgeons must undergo extensive training and education, and they have to pass rigorous oral and written examinations. You can check to see if your potential surgeon is board certified in plastic surgery here.

In addition to training, experience, and certification, surgeons need artistic insight to create optimal results. This is a sometimes-overlooked attribute, but think about it: would you hire someone without artistic skill to create a sculpture? Of course not, but sculpting the body requires many of the same skills and artistic talents. As both an artist and a plastic surgeon, Dr. David Cangello’s plastic surgery practice is grounded in the principles of artistry, which is how he consistently excels at creating results that truly look natural.

Undergoing cosmetic enhancements is a personal decision that requires careful consideration, and you owe it to yourself to choose a surgeon who will help you achieve your aesthetic goals. To learn how Dr. Cangello can help you get the look you want, contact his office today at (212) 644-4416 to schedule a consultation in NYC.

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