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Dr. Cangello Discusses Meghan Markle’s Nose with Seventeen, PEOPLE, InStyle, and Bravo

Dr. Cangello was recently asked by Seventeen, PEOPLE, InStyle, and Bravo to discuss the recent trend of women seeking rhinoplasty to get the look of Meghan Markle’s nose.

As her highly publicized engagement with Prince Harry plays out in the media, Markle has inspired people across the globe to emulate everything from her fashion choices to her looks. While it’s common for rhinoplasty patients to use celebrities as examples of their aesthetic ideal, Dr. Cangello explained to several media outlets why Markle’s nose in particular has become such a popular request.

The Ideal Nose

When it comes to ideal rhinoplasty results, proportion is key. Dr. Cangello explained to PEOPLE and Seventeen that Megan’s nose has a narrow, well-defined bridge and tip, and most importantly, it is balanced with the rest of her facial features. He told PEOPLE, “Many patients seek nasal proportions similar to Meghan’s when describing their ideal nose during consultation.”

To achieve ideal results like these, Dr. Cangello performs a “component separation of the nose” during rhinoplasty. Essentially, the nose is comprised of separate components, pieces of cartilage and bone that form its underlying structure. These components are bound together by fibrous connections. So when modifications are made to certain components of the nose, the other components of the nose need to be freed up from each other as well so that they can move naturally into their new position. If they are not free to move and are not repositioned properly by the surgeon, then the nose often has the “done” appearance.  When rhinoplasty is performed using Dr. Cangello’s approach, all of the elements come together in the most proportionate, natural-looking way.

Getting the Best Results from Rhinoplasty

As fans around the world are flocking to plastic surgeons to get the look of Markle’s nose, Dr. Cangello provided some tips to PEOPLE for potential rhinoplasty patients. He cautioned that you “may not be able to emulate your favorite celebrity or public figure’s nose.”

While it’s always a good idea to bring in photos of your aesthetic ideal, your surgeon might not be able to meet those standards. Likewise, the best results from rhinoplasty are achieved when your nose matches the natural proportions of your anatomy, rather than matching a celebrity’s nose. Dr. Cangello explained to Bravo and InStyle that for some patients, drastically changing the shape of their nose could lead to functional problems, like difficulty breathing.

Dr. Cangello also reminded PEOPLE’s readers to do their research when considering nose surgery. Rhinoplasty is a technically complex procedure, and optimal results require the skill of a surgeon who has both technical expertise and artistic insight. He told PEOPLE, “Experience doesn’t always translate to superior aesthetic results. Both technical expertise and artistry are key, so check out your surgeon’s work.”

Whether the recent royal engagement has sparked your desire to undergo rhinoplasty or you’ve already been considering it, nose surgery can truly be a transformative procedure. Dr. Cangello finds it to be a very rewarding procedure to perform, whether it’s for cosmetic or functional purposes. If you’re considering rhinoplasty in NYC, take the next step and contact Dr. Cangello at (212) 644-4416 to schedule your personal consultation.

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